Data Warehouse

The Family Data Center Warehouse consists of maternal and child health records from pregnancy through early childhood and education records from preschool through high school. Warehouse databases include birth, death, and fetal death certificates, Healthy Start prenatal risk screening and services records, postnatal infant risk screens, (Florida Department of Health);  hospital discharge and Medicaid eligibility and claim files (Florida Agency for Health Care Administration); student standardized test results, attendance, and behavior referrals (Florida Department of Education).

Under contract to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, The Center stores and validates these data, links them to related data files, and publishes annual reports on five-year trends in maternal and child health indicators.

The datasets are linked, stored, and managed in the Data Warehouse with multiple levels of security. The Center uses state-of-the art-hardware, software, and a combination of workstation and server-side SAS to manage the large databases. Additionally, the datasets and computer programs are backed-up off site at a hurricane-proof facility.