Florida Medicaid Maternal Child Health Status Indicators Historical Archive

The Florida Medicaid Maternal and Child Health Status Indicators Report is an annual report produced for the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration by the Family Data Center at the University of Florida.

The report provides descriptive statistics, including five-year trends whenever available, for 38 health indicators about pregnant women and their infants.

The report stratifies these statistics by Medicaid Status (Non-Medicaid and Medicaid); Subgroup (Temporarily Eligible within Non-Medicaid; SOBRA, Non-SOBRA, CMS High Risk OB, Medicaid SSI, Medicaid <8 days or No PNC [Prenatal Care]; Ineligible NonCitizen, Medically Needy within Medicaid); Race/Ethnicity (Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Other); Length of Coverage (High Exposure, Low Exposure); Medicaid Delivery System (Fee-for-Service [FFS], HMO, MediPass; Provider Service Network [PSN]); and HMO Plan Name.

The Family Data Center has developed the Florida Health Status Indicators Web Portal to allow users to more easily access all of the tables and charts and graphs available in the printed edition of the Florida Medicaid Maternal and Child Health Status Indicators Report.  “Indicators” cover both maternal and infant health status outcome indicators. “Deliveries” is the default Indicator.

Updated Florida Health Status Indicators Web Portal user manual

Annual PDF HSI Documents: