The Family Data Center has a repository of historical data and operates statewide data collection systems. The range of work we perform include: data analysis, statistical modeling and reporting, data warehousing, data merging (deterministic and probabilistic), data cleaning and profiling, database and data dictionary creation, development, hosting, maintenance, and operation of web-based data collection systems, and manual data entry. Contact us to learn more!

Data are linked, stored, and managed in our data warehouse with multiple levels of security. We use state of the art hardware and software to manage large databases. Additionally, the data sets and computer programs are backed-up off site at a hurricane-proof facility.

The Family Data Center’s warehouse contains maternal and child health records from pregnancy through early childhood and education records from preschool through high school. Warehouse databases include Vital Statistics records, Healthy Start prenatal screening/service records, WIC, records of the Childhood Lead Poisoning Surveillance system, and the Florida Birth Defects Registry (Department of Health); hospital discharge and Medicaid eligibility/claims records (Agency for Health Care Administration); student course loads, grades, standardized test results, attendance, and behavior referrals (Department of Education). We have developed and implemented HIPAA-compliant and IRB-approved information management systems.